Developing therapies for a wide range
of cancers

Carisma Therapeutics is building a pipeline with an initial focus in oncology aiming to bring the power of cellular immunotherapy to the large number of solid tumor patients, in whom other approaches fail. At the start of 2021, Carisma initiated the first ever clinical study of a CAR-Macrophage therapy for patients, achieving a key milestone in the development of this new therapeutic approach, and giving hope to patients living with cancer.

Our emerging pipeline of oncology CAR-Ms

CT – 0508 (HER2)

Carisma is developing CT-0508, an ex vivo gene-modified autologous CAR-Macrophage cellular therapy intended to treat solid tumors that overexpress human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) metastasis. CT-0508 is in Phase 1 clinical development.

Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1
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CT – 1119 (Mesothelin)

Carisma is developing CT-1119, an ex vivo gene-modified autologous CAR-Macrophage cellular therapy to target mesothelin-positive solid tumors. CT-1119 is in pre-clinical development.

Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1

CT – 0729 (PSMA)

Carisma is developing CT-0729, an ex vivo gene-modified autologous CAR-Macrophage cellular therapy to target prostate-specific membrane antigen for treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. CT-0729 is in discovery.

Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1

In-Vivo mRNA CAR-M

Carisma is partnering with Moderna Therapeutics to develop the next generation of macrophage-targeted in-vivo therapies to address multiple cancer targets.

Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1
Research & Development Engine

Powering new discovery

Carisma’s scientists are expanding the functionality of engineered macrophages to increase the number of patients that can potentially benefit from this transformative technology. With research programs targeting neurodegeneration, liver fibrosis and autoimmune disorders Carisma is pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

We are actively seeking partnerships for the development of complementary therapeutic approaches to explore a broader set of indications and reach more patients.

R & D Engine Discovery Preclinical Phase 1
Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1
Liver fibrosis
Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1
Autoimmune diseases
Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1