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Engineered macrophages are key drivers of both innate and adaptive immune responses. Our proprietary platform addresses the challenges of other cell therapies targeting solid tumors. With an emerging pipeline of oncology CAR-Macrophages, we are prepared to lead the fight against cancer and revolutionize the field of immunotherapy.

Current Portfolio Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1
CT – 0508 (CAR-Macrophage)
Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1
CT – 0508 + Pembro (CAR-Macrophage)
Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1
CT – 0525 (CAR-Monoctye)
Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1
CT – 1119 (Mesothelin)
Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1
CT – 0729 (PSMA)
Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1
In-Vivo mRNA CAR-M
Discovery | Preclinical | Phase 1

A pioneer in next-generation cell therapies

With our proprietary platform, we see an opportunity for:

Effective Gene




Our differentiated approach to engineered cell therapies

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