Pioneering CAR Macrophage Immunotherapy to target solid tumors

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Recognition of Tumor Antigen

Carisma’s chimeric antigen receptor macrophages (CAR-Ms) are engineered to express CARs designed to recognize tumor antigens.

Phagocytosis and Killing of Tumor Cell

CAR binding mediates an active signaling process leading to targeted phagocytosis of tumor cells.

Tumor Cell Broken Down / Antigen Processing

Engulfed tumor cells are broken down by the CAR-M in the phagolysosome, and tumor cell antigens are processed.

Antigen Presentation to T Cell

Tumor antigens from the phagocytosed tumor cell are presented by the CAR-M on MHC molecules.

Activation of T Cell & Adaptive Immune Response

Professional antigen presentation by CAR-M leads to activation of an adaptive immune response.

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